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Photography, Video & Design

STUDIO   703. 437. 3205
CELL   703. 501. 1500
FAX   775. 429. 3205

1576 Kingstream Cir
Herndon, Virginia 20170

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Contacting us for a Price Qoute

When need a good deal of information before we can quote a price. We prefer to send out a detailed PDF estimate whenever quoting prices. These estimates later serve as a contract for the job and finally they become an invoices after the job is deliverd. This system of Estimates->Contract->Invoice avoids any confusion about the services to be provided and the price at which those services will be rendered. We send out PDF estimates very promptly and usually include samples of similar work.
It’s OK to call if you just want to check availability or ask a few questions, but we won’t be able to quote a real price without the complete details of the assignment.


Sample Questions About Your Assignment

  • What kind of photography, video or design do you need us to produce? Corporate Portraits, Architecture Exteriors, A Website, A Brochure ?
  • How and where will the visuals be used? On a website, Paid Placement Ad, in a Magazine?
  • Where and when is the shoot going to take place if you need photography or video?
  • What kind of usage rights do you need? We can help with this, our approach is VERY simple. We often license unlimited usage as part of the fee.
  • Who are the people we need to work with on the assignment?
  • What kind of production value are you looking for? AKA what’s your budget like on this project and what level of complexity and effort will be required.
  • Is there a deadline we need to know about?
  • How would you like the files delivered? Online, DVD Via FedEx?
  • For Photography and Video: What resolution, color profile, and file format would you like? 8X10″ 300PPI, SRGB, Level 12 JPG OR 11X17″ 300PPI AdobeRGB, TIFF OR DNG