News and stories about architectural photography.

Lansdowne Va Architectural Photography

I usually hate it when people walk through my architectural shots but this time the third person who walked through looked great.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the touch of red come through on an otherwise drab shot.  I was shooting long exposures on a tripod but was able to change my settings quick enough to freeze the action at precisely the

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Arlington Architectural Photography

We recently photographed the Westlee building in Arlington, Va.  for an architectural client.  Early fall is a great time for architectural photography in the Northern Va area.  The trees and grass are still green and the skies are clear and blue.  It's refreshing to get some "Clean" sun instead of the hazy light we get for most of the summer around Washington DC.

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Maryland Live Casino Interiors

My assistant and I made a stunning series of 30 interior photographs of the Maryland Live Casino.  The architectural photography was for a Las Vegas based interior design company that focuses on the gaming industry.  The lighting design in this casino was very elaborate and controllable.  We used a DMX controller to adjust the LED lighting to our taste.  We shot 7 images

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Virginia Real Estate Virtual Tours

I'm frequently asked to create architectural and real estate virtual tours . These are a very interesting form of architectural photography. I've been generating these virtual tours for the Virginia real estate  industry since the mid 90's.  My  proprietary process for creating virtual tours is complicated, but it yields a very high quality virtual tour.  Each VR tour image starts with 25 fisheye exposures

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Great Falls Virginia Architectural Photography

I recently completed an architectural photography project of a home in Great Falls Virginia. It's a beautifully remodel home on a fantastic wooded Virgina lot. One of my Maryland architectural photography clients is entering the home in a Washington Spaces contest. Washington spaces publishes some very nice home photography, so I do hope they win.

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