Stewart Image and Nations Photo Lab Honor Fallen Hero Charlie Keating IV

This week, a Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq, during an ISIS attack on a small Christian village near Mosul. A handful of American advisers were in the village at the time of the attack, and they were surrounded and cutoff by nearly 200 ISIS fighters. Charlie Keating IV led the SEAL Rapid Response counterattack to rescue the trapped Americans. The small SEAL-led assault

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Trustworthy Pharmacist Headshot

What looks like a simple headshot was actually very tricky.  The white coat and shinny badge gave me trouble at first but I'm trained for such lighting issues.  Angle of incidence equals angle of reflection, the inverse square law,....etc.  I like the portrait because of the nice contrast in lighting and the "trustworthy" look.  It was done on location at a Wegman's in

Trustworthy Pharmacist Headshot 2017-10-21T08:28:27+00:00

Lansdowne VA Portrait Photography

We recently did four sessions of portraits in Lansdowne Va, within the Lansdowne Resort. We've done 23 of these portraits for SSP Ameraica at this point. It's tough to get everyone together in a big company like this, so we have to reproduce the look time after time. We do like to have some variation in the backgrounds

Lansdowne VA Portrait Photography 2017-10-21T08:33:21+00:00

My Family Portrait

Nothing Fancy; that's us on the way out to dinner.  Lynne, Michael, Carson (7), Barrett (9). I took the picture, on a was set for one dude.

My Family Portrait 2017-10-23T05:25:37+00:00
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