Board of Directors Portrait Photography

When a BOD has their annual meeting, it’s a great time to schedule photography.  Many leaders of the companies we work with only get together once a year.  This project for an international consulting firm included people people from offices in LA, London and India.  We worked to coordinate the headshot and portrait photography in all the locations.  We frequently hire and train

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Stewart Image and Nations Photo Lab Honor Fallen Hero Charlie Keating IV

This week, a Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq, during an ISIS attack on a small Christian village near Mosul. A handful of American advisers were in the village at the time of the attack, and they were surrounded and cutoff by nearly 200 ISIS fighters. Charlie Keating IV led the SEAL Rapid Response counterattack to rescue the trapped Americans. The small SEAL-led assault

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The Haiti Project

    Recently, we volunteered our services to a non-profit organization bringing education opportunities to underprivileged children in Haiti.    La Vallee Alliance is restoring libraries, schools and services for children that were damaged in the earthquake. A client ask us to help his daughter with visuals for a fundraiser and we jumped at the opportunity to use our marketing and advertising skills to make

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Green Screen Portraits

We often shoot background images for our archive while on location for photography assignments.  We frequently use green  screen (chroma key) techniques to make a portraits and drop them onto images from our background archive. We have thousands of backgrounds & elements: buildings, skies, grass, bushes, etc. in our archive.  Many of the bushes and other elements have been isolated from their surroundings over

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Timelapse Headshot Photography

We made "Motion Lapse" portraits for Salsa Labs' Senior Management Team.  See the the way we used motion to bring the portraits to life: Visit the website to see the motion: Salsa Labs Management Team Page

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