COX Communications Advertising Photography

If you live in Northern Virginia, you've probably seen Pete in your mail, on TV and on internet ads.  I photographed Pete interviewing hundreds of Virginia citizens about their telivision and internet service.  Pete is a great spokes model who also does stand up comedy in Philadelphia. Now that I know him I see him in all kinds of advertising campaigns.  It's always

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Volkswagen Photography

While in Auburn Hills MI shooting a job for Volkswagen, I was able to make some images in their collections room. I'm a big fan of old Volkswagen Beetles and Buses. I owned a 1972 Beetle and later a 1985 GTI. It's nice to work with a company with such an incredible background in designing unique vehicles.

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Visual Marketing Services

SecTek Security Marketing Project StewartImage is expanding services to include "visual marketing". After 25+ years of producing still photography for advertising and marketing, we are expanding to include visual marketing services. We are working with select clients to manage the visual aspects of their marketing and we feel that we can add value to our photography and video productions with visual marketing

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