Lansdowne VA Portrait Photography

We recently did four sessions of portraits in Lansdowne Va, within the Lansdowne Resort. We've done 23 of these portraits for SSP Ameraica at this point. It's tough to get everyone together in a big company like this, so we have to reproduce the look time after time. We do like to have some variation in the backgrounds

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Photographic Subject Matter

The key to making good photography is to get the camera in front of something interesting. Putting the camera  in an interesting place or looking closely at something of interest usually make good pictures. I try to find clients that can get me in front of something worthy of  photographing. If the product, person, or place isn't of interest to the intended viewer,

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Alicia’s Studio Portrait

This portrait of Alicia Thurston was made to advertise her morning talk show.  It's a show for lawyers which airs in spanish.  Alicia is fun, fresh  and entertaining, so the directors wanted to use bright colors to portray her in this way.  It's not your average legal talk show.

Alicia’s Studio Portrait 2017-10-23T05:39:21+00:00